The Ivy Ballroom, Sydney

 Gala highlights: tables set for fine dining; a woman enjoying a wine; dinner; a trumpet player.

Re-live the Program and Highlights
of the Mosaic Gala 2017

For a taste of what is to come....

Mosaic Gala Entertainment 2018


Guest speaker

Award winning comedian, actor and presenter Matt Okine.

Matt began his career by becoming a national Triple J RAW finalist in 2004 at the age of 18, after only 3 previous gigs. Since then he has gone on to win multiple awards for his stand-up comedy, toured the world and appeared on countless televisions shows. Matt has just finished an Australian and New Zealand Tour of his 2018 solo show ‘The Hat Game

Master of Ceremonies
Sunil Badami, a bon vivant, raconteur and flâneur who’s written for publications in Australia and overseas, appeared on stage and hosted his own national radio show.

Lebanese wedding entrance specialists C’Darz Entertainment brought passion and excitement, while Sirens Dance enthralled us with the spectacle of Bollywood. 


The Event

The SSI Mosaic Gala will be a ticketed, fundraising, black-tie gala dinner with an international/multicultural theme that showcases Australia’s diverse cultures.

There will be a tantalising degustation menu featuring cuisines from various cultures and entertainment will be provided by groups presenting traditional dance and musical performances.

It will be a dazzling mosaic: bringing many different elements together to form a beautiful whole. 


Gala Proceeds

The 2017 SSI Mosaic Gala raised funds to support two SSI refugee programs: Ignite Small Business Start-ups and Refugee Scholarships.

SSI Refugee Scholarships were created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by refugees as they participate in the NSW education system. The scholarships directly support people from refugee backgrounds in NSW to achieve independence.

SSI Ignite Small Business Starts-ups facilitates business creation for people from refugee backgrounds who are passionate to establish a small business or expand an existing one.


The Cause

Settlement Services International (SSI) is a leading, community-based, not-for-profit humanitarian organisation providing a range of services, including refugee and migrant settlement in NSW.

SSI has operated since 2000 and in 2016 provided services to over 14,000 refugees, humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers.



Why We Do What We Do

SSI believes that providing appropriate support to refugee and humanitarian entrants in their initial settlement is crucial to their long-term success living in the Australian community. 

Our settlement services promote our clients’ economic and personal wellbeing, independence and community connectedness, so they can become fully-functioning members of society.